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Smith, Bell, and the Art of Observation

Sir Sydney Smith had humble beginnings in a village at the heart of the Otago gold fields, near the southern tip of New Zealand. After a stint in the New Zealand Army during the First World War and a colourful career as a medical investigator in colonial Egypt, he went on to hold the Chair of Forensic Medicine in Edinburgh.
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Aequanimitas, a Latin word derived from aequo animo, "with even mind", meaning equanimity or calmness of mind. Excerpts from Sir William Osler's Valedictory Address at the University of Pennsylvania on May 1st, 1889
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See For Yourself

Many doctors have vivid memories of their first tentative steps into the dissection halls of the anatomy class and their first anxiety-ridden attendance at an autopsy. Such moments are among the fabled rituals of burgeoning doctor-hood.
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The Breakfast Club

Medicine is the study of the manifestations of disease, so that one might attempt to diagnose, attempt to treat, but always to care for the patient.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

One day, as a trainee doctor working in rural Zambia, I walked through the gates of the hospital to be greeted by what seemed to be the “eeyore-ing” of a demonic donkey.
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William Osler

Sir William Osler (1849 – 1919), British (Canadian-born) physician. Famous for his anecdotes (Oslerisms), Osler nodes and Osler sign