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John Hinds Death is a Wanker

Cases from the Races

The RAGE team's John Hinds gives the medical perspective on high speed motorcycle racing on closed private roads in Ireland at smaccGOLD.

RAGE smaccGOLD Edition

All the RAGE team in one room, at smaccGOLD, with our friends Oli Flower, Rich Levitan, Scott Weingart, Mark Wilson and John Hinds.

smaccGOLD is all the RAGE

The entire RAGE team were at smaccGOLD, and we loved every minute of it. Of course, Cliff Reid stole the show as per usual with his talk on ‘When should resuscitation stop?” (look out for it on the SMACC podcast…


What is possible, what is reasonable, what is best?

If there was one session at smaccGOLD that blew everyone away it was this (OK, SonoWars was mind-blowingly awesome as well…). On day 2 of the conference, Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) facilitated a discussion of some of the most difficult intangibles…


smaccGOLD Education Q&A

The education Q&A from smaccGOLD featuring Jonathan Gatward, Rob Rogers, Victoria Brazil, Damian Roland, Irma Bilgrami and Lauren Westafer.

The End is just the Beginning…

Unbelievably, smaccGOLD has come and gone. Thankfully, the end is just the beginning… Many thanks to all who made it happen: the organisers, the people behind the scenes, the speakers and, most of all, all of you who came from…