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Ultrasound Case 102

Presentation A 19 year old woman presents with LUQ pain post minor trauma. Your registrar comes to you with this clip concerned they have found a supcapsular splenic haematoma. What do you think? Describe and interpret these scans
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 095

A 44 year old woman presents with calf pain after a long hike followed by a long flight. Her upper medial calf is particularly tender. You consider Baker's cyst, calf muscle tear and DVT the most likely differentials.
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Casenote Bedside Ultrasound

UCEM Publication: Initial trials with the PHAQ-OFF trial with initially promising results, did not yield a suitably discriminative outcome for widespread use and remains a research tool only.
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Mirror Image Artefacts

Mirror image artefact occur when ultrasound beam is not reflected directly back to the transducer after hitting a reflective surface
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Comet tail artefact

Comet tail artefact is a short path reverberation artefact that weakens with each reverberation, resulting in a vertical echogenic artefact that rapidly fades as it continues in to the ultrasound image.
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Ziro Kaneko

Ziro Kaneko (1915 – 1997) Japanese neuropsychiatrist. Pioneer in the field of Geriatric Psychiatry in Japan. Doppler Flowmeter (1960)
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 001

42 year old diabetic woman with left sided pleuritic chest pain. Mild fever and cough. Describe and interpret these scans
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 002

35 year old male represents with shortness of breath 5 days after falling of his bicycle. His initial chest xray on day one had shown a tiny pneumothorax and several rib fractures.