UCEM welcomes Prof Stickler

Chair of Pedantry (UCEM)

Professor Harry Stickler

Prof. H. Stickler is is one of the great binary communicators of our time and has been variously described as “more obsessive compulsive than Rainman on cocaine” and, perhaps more illuminatingly “a great loss to the world of anaesthetics”.

Sir Hubert and Harry met whilst in the lower fourths at Buggrington Grammar. Harry was a withdrawn and nervous child harboring a menagerie of tics and twitches. He was noticeably absent from most classes, preferring to take refuge from the bullying japery of the upper fourths within the leafy shrubbery of the submissive quadrangle. Here he used grains of sand (q) as quadratic residue modulo n to define congruence to perfect squares (mod n).

Thankfully the astute Sir Hubert recognised Prof Sticklers incredible powers of mathematical logic and deduction, his captious spirit and outright punctiliousness and he took the misunderstood genius under his wing. He has been his companion and protector ever since.

Although he is largely incapable as a physician his incredible mind has been of great service to Sir Hubert in many ways. (We would explain them to you, but you couldn’t possibly understand). Working on the principle that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach, Sir Hubert has placed Prof Stickler in charge of the Utopian College Education and Training program in the School of Health and Information Technology.

Prof Stickler has a great compassion for those who suffer through education (a pre-requisite for all MUPPETS) and is currently writing an exhaustive college syllabus and training program (currently on its 15th revision and over 10,000 pages long).

With the students mental welfare in mind, Prof Stickler uses his wry and perceptive sense of humour to great effect. For example, in the chapter on Bayesian inference his uproarious quote “10100111101101011101110001100110001100101011011010101010110100110000112” is still considered an exemplar of   Euclidean literary miscellany within niche binary enclaves around the world.

Prof Sticklers official UCEM Council Executive Roles include:
  • Chair of Pedantry
  • Chair of Utopian Nursing Training
  • Treasurer of the Anti-Kōan Society
Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine

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