Kuroush Ardeshirian

Emergency Medicine Trainee based in Perth, Western Australia. Keen interest in ultrasound, rural health and water-based activities.
Friedrich Trendelenburg
Biography Born May 24, 1844 in Berlin, Germany the son of the famous German philosopher Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872) 1861 – his father thought him not yet ready to enter university, and sent him to Edinburgh to teach German to…
Robert Bentley Todd
Robert Bentley Todd (1809 – 1860) was an Irish physician. Provided early depictions of migraine, peripheral neuritis, and postepileptic paralysis (Todd's palsy). He also gave an important discourse on locomotor ataxy (tabes dorsalis).
Michele Landolfi (1878 – 1959) 340
Michele Landolfi
Michele Landolfi (1878 - 1959) medico italiano. Phonacoscopy (1906) Landolfi sign in severe aortic regurgitation (1909)
eponym LITFL 340
James Parkinson
James Parkinson (1755 – 1824) was an English surgeon, apothecary, palaeontologist, geologist and political activist.