Bernhard Naunyn (1839 – 1925) was a German physician and pathologist.

  • Born 2 September 1839 in Berlin
  • 1862 – Received medical qualification at the University of Berlin
  • 1869-1871 – Professor of Medicine and head of clinics at the University of Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia)
  • 1871-1972 – Professor of Medicine at the University of Bern, Switzerland
  • 1872-1888 – Professor of Medicine at the University of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad, Russia)
  • 1873 – Co-founded Archiv für Experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie with Edwin Klebs (1834-1913) and Oswald Schmiederberg (1838-1921)
  • 1888-1904 – Professor of Medicine at the University of Strassbourg, France
  • Died 26 July 1925

Medical Eponyms

Key Medical Attributions

Naunyn introduced the term “acidosis.” in 1898

Gallstone disease

Diabetes Mellitus


Major Publications


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Emergency Medicine Trainee based in Perth, Western Australia. Keen interest in ultrasound, rural health and water-based activities.

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