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Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) 220

Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) was an Italian pathologist and physician.

Bozzolo was renowned for his work on describing multiple myeloma (then known as Kahler disease), hypothesizing hookworms as a cause of anaemia, radiotherapy for leukemias, and pathological anatomy. He founded a haematology school in Turin.

He is eponymous with Kahler-Bozzolo disease (1897) and Bozzolo sign (1887) of thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic regurgitation.


  • Born 30 May 1845, Milan, Italy
  • 1868 – Achieved medical doctorate, University of Pavia
  • 1869 – Commenced work at the Maggiore Hospital in Milan
  • 1871 – Worked with Rudolf Virchow (1821–1902), Ludwig Traube (1818–1876), and Johann von Oppolzer (1808–1871) through his travels to Austria and Germany
  • 1883-1920 – Professore ordinario di Clinica medica propedeutica (professor of clinical medicine), Univesity of Turin
  • 1901-03 – President of the Medical-Surgical Academy of Turin 
  • 1906 – Consigliere comunale di Torino
  • 1906-14 – Assessore all’igiene del Comune di Torino
  • Grande ufficiale dell’Ordine della Corona d’Italia; Grande ufficiale dell’Ordine dei SS. Maurizio e Lazzaro
  • Died 28 February 1920

Medical Eponyms

Bozzolo sign (1887)

Visible pulsation of the arteries within the nasal mucosa. Initially described with thoracic aortic aneurysm, later associated with aortic regurgitation

Bozzolo attributed his sign to the previous work and studies of Giulio Ceradini (1844 – 1894) and Angelo Mosso (1846 – 1910)

Bozzolo: Atti del 12. congresso della Associazione medica italiana a Pavia nel 1887
Bozzolo sign
Bozzolo: Atti del 12. congresso della Associazione medica italiana a Pavia nel 1887

Other Eponyms
  • Kahler-Bozzolo disease – Bozzolo provided an in-depth description of Kahler disease (multiple myeloma) in 1897

Key Medical Attributions

In 1880, Bozzolo along with Edoardo Perroncito (1847–1936) and Luigi Pagliani (1847–1931) correctly hypothesised that Ancylostoma duodenale (hookworm) caused the anemia epidemic in Italian workers on the Gotthard Railway Tunnel, after discovering hookworm eggs in the workers’ faeces. Bozzolo introduced thymol from thyme as a curative treatment for hookworm.

Major Publications


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Doctor in Australia. Keen interest in internal medicine, medical education, and medical history.

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