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CCC Critical Care Compendium 680


Clevidipine is a drug used as an infusion for severe hypertension or patients who require narrow blood pressure parameters.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Cardiac Output Measurement

Cardiac output; Adolf Eugen Fick (1829-1901) in 1870, was the first to measure cardiac output; assumes oxygen consumption is a function of rate of blood flow and rate of oxygen pick pick up by RBC’s.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Capnography and CO2 Detectors

Capnography and CO2 Detectors: help confirm endotracheal intubation; monitor ventilation during procedural sedation (e.g. via Hudson mask) without mechanical ventilation; monitoring during mechanical ventilation
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Capnography Waveform Interpretation

Capnography waveform interpretation can be used for diagnosis and ventilator-trouble shooting. The CO2 waveform can be analyzed for 5 characteristics:–Height–Frequency–Rhythm–Baseline–Shape
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Bubble CPAP

USES neonatal respiratory failure (surfactant deficiency) asthma bronchiolitis DESCRIPTION METHOD OF INSERTION 3 basic parts: (1) supply humidified and heated air(2) nasal cannula or face mask(3) positive pressure provided by depth of immersion of the expiratory air flow in water…

CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Blood Warmer

Blood Warmer: Used with rapid transfusion rates (e.g. >50 mL/kg/hr), in already hypothermic patients or rare conditions where cold fluid delivery is problematic (e.g. cold agglutinins); massive transfusion (avoid hypothermia)