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Time to publish then filter?

I came across this post while getting up to speed with Critical Insight, a UK-based online blog-come-journal club. It had a link to a recent BMJ editorial by David Schriger and Douglas Altman — you may remember David Schriger from…


The Wilyman PhD

My thoughts on Judy Wilyman's overly wordy collation of the global anti-vaccination lobby arguments, wrapped up in a 390 page opinion piece (sorry, pHD)
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Case Reports and Case Series

Case reports and case series are considered relatively low level evidence; despite this they have a role in EBM - they are often the first line of evidence, where discovery begins
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Quantitative Data Types and Tests

Quantitative data is that which can be expressed numerically and is associated with a measurement scale; not all numbers constitute quantitative data (e.g. tax file number!)
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Randomisation is the process of assigning clinical trial participants to treatment groups such that each participation has a known (usually equal) chance of being assigned to any of the groups
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Early Stopping of Trials

Reviewed and revised 26 August 2015 OVERVIEW Clinical trials are planned to stop when one of the following is reached sample size  event count length of follow up goal scheduled date of closure Unplanned early stopping of trials may occur…

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Case-Control Studies

Case-Control Studies: a type of retrospective observational study; control patients are ‘matched’ using some criteria (age, gender), typically should have no history of the disease of interest and should be representative of the general population
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Risk and Numbers Needed to Treat

Risk is a nebulous term in evidence-based medicine, as it may refer to either relative or absolute risks. Overall, absolute risks are more meaningful and can be converted in 'numbers need to treat' (NNT), which are useful in the clinical setting
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Adaptive Trial Designs

An adaptive clinical trial involves a study design in which key characteristics are adjusted while enrollment in the trial is ongoing using prospectively defined decision rules and in response to information arising from the data accumulating in the trial