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Chicken or the Egg?

Which came first - the chicken or the egg? Despite millennia of extensive research, evidential debate and philosophical procrastination the answer to this riddle still remains a mystery...or does it?
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Trials of Academic Medicine

My advice is to get any research requirements for your training program out of the way early. Or, as Prof Bristol would say, work one out to the covers on the first ball.
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The Wisdom of Crowd Review

Almost immediately after finishing ‘Time to publish then filter?’ - a post that highlighted a recent editorial in the BMJ outlining the need for an effective system of post-publication peer revie
Research and Reviews in the Fastlane 340

Time to publish then filter?

I came across this post while getting up to speed with Critical Insight, a UK-based online blog-come-journal club. It had a link to a recent BMJ editorial by David Schriger and Douglas Altman — you may remember David Schriger from…


The Wilyman PhD

My thoughts on Judy Wilyman's overly wordy collation of the global anti-vaccination lobby arguments, wrapped up in a 390 page opinion piece (sorry, pHD)