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CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2010.1 Q12

Question 12. A 68 year old man had both legs trapped under a heavy concrete slab for 4 hours. He has just been admitted to the ICU, 8 hours post injury, following adequate resuscitation and definitive operative wound debridement. His…

CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2010.1 Q17

Questions 17.1. Outline four (4) causes for the capnograph trace (shown below) obtained from a critically ill patient. 17.2. Examine the data provided from a co-oximeter and a simultaneous pulse oximeter recording from patient A and B. List three (3)…

CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2015.2 Q30

Question a) What is the tube in the image above used for? (10% marks) b) Describe the steps for insertion of this tube. (40% marks) c) What are the contraindications for its insertion? (20% marks) d) What are the complications…

CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2015.1 Q12

You are called to urgently review a 73-year-old female who is ventilated following admission with severe community-acquired pneumonia. She had a tracheostomy five days ago. She has now acutely desaturated and developed high airway pressures.