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Alan Lyell (1917-2007) 340

Alan Lyell

Alan Lyell (1917-2007) was a Scottish Dermatologist. Lyell Syndrome (1956) AKA toxic epidermal necrolysis.
Ferdinand Karl Franz Schwarzmann, Ritter von Hebra (1816 – 1880) 1

Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra

Ferdinand Karl Franz Schwarzmann, Ritter von Hebra (1816-1880) was an Austrian physician and dermatologist. Founder New Vienna School of Dermatology
Eduard-Heinrich-Henoch-1820-1910 340

Eduard Heinrich Henoch

Eduard Heinrich Henoch (1820 – 1910) was a German Paediatrician. Student of Johann Lukas Schönlein, he extended the clinical features of childhood purpura and is eponymously affiliated with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
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Fox–Fordyce disease

Fox–Fordyce disease: A chronic itchy papular condition occurring in areas of the skin with apocrine glands especially the axilla of young women.
George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) 1

George Henry Fox

George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) was an American dermatologist. Eponymously affiliated with Fox–Fordyce disease (and not Fox's sign)

hot & spotty #2…

the case. A 14 year old boy is bought to ED with a 4 day history of fevers. His parents are concerned as this rampant red rash has rapidly spread across his body overnight….

hot & spotty…

the case. A mother brings her 18 month old child to your emergency department with a 24 hour history of fevers. She is now worried that her daughter has developed these little red spots.