Category Dermatology
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Purpura Fulminans

CAUSES Meningococcal disease Post-splenectomy pneumococcaemia DIC Rickettsial infections High dose inotropes Endocarditis Venom-induced consumptive coagulopathy (VICC) due to snakebite

Heinrich Koebner (1838 – 1904) 340

Heinrich Köbner

Heinrich Köbner (1838 – 1904) was a German dermatologist. Eponym: Koebner phenomenon; Köbner syndrome (Epidermolysis bullosa simplex)
Moriz Kaposi (1837-1902) 340

Moriz Kaposi

Moriz 'Kohn' Kaposi (1837 – 1902) was a Hungarian physician and dermatologist. Provided first, descriptions of systemic lupus erythematosus (1869/1872); Kaposi Sarcoma (1872); xeroderma pigmentosum (1882); lichen ruber moniliformis (1886); and varicelliform eruption (1887)

Kaposi Sarcoma

Kaposi Sarcoma: An idiopathic pigmented sarcoma of the skin. Red nodules of varying size develop in the skin initially appearing on the sole of the foot then affecting the hands, progressing to affect the rest of the body.
Eduard Glanzmann (1887-1959) 340

Eduard Glanzmann

Biography Born 12 April 1887, Luzern 1909-1912 Studied medicine in Zürich, Berlin, and Berne 1914 – MD, Berne 1915 – Postgraduate studies at the paediatric clinic in the Charité, Berlin 1929 – Privatdozent in paediatrics, Berne 1932 – Professor and Director…

Alan Lyell (1917-2007) 340

Alan Lyell

Alan Lyell (1917-2007) was a Scottish Dermatologist. Lyell Syndrome (1956) AKA toxic epidermal necrolysis.
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Fox–Fordyce disease

Fox–Fordyce disease: A chronic itchy papular condition occurring in areas of the skin with apocrine glands especially the axilla of young women.
George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) 1

George Henry Fox

George Henry Fox (1846 – 1937) was an American dermatologist. Eponymously affiliated with Fox–Fordyce disease (and not Fox's sign)