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Monro-Kellie doctrine

The Monro-Kellie doctrine or hypothesis states that the sum of volumes of brain, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and intracerebral blood is constant. An increase in one should cause a reciprocal decrease in either one or both of the remaining two.
Lazar K. Lazarević (Лазаp К. Лазаревић) (1851 – 1891) 1200

Laza Lazarević

Lazar K. Lazarević (Лазаp К. Лазаревић) (1851 - 1891) was a Serbian psychiatrist, neurologist and writer
Roy Glenwood Spurling (1894 – 1968) 340

Roy Glenwood Spurling

Col. Roy Glenwood Spurling (1894 – 1968) was an American neurosurgeon. Eponymously affiliated with Spurling manoeuvre or Spurling Test described in 1944 as a provocative test of the cervical spine in cervical radiculopathy
Julius Arnold (1835-1915) 340 3

Julius Arnold

Julius Arnold (1835 – 1915) was a German pathologist. Eponymously affiliated with Type II Chiari malformation (Arnold–Chiari malformation)

Jefferson Fracture

Burst fracture of the atlas (C1). Often occurs as a result of an axial load to the spine from a direct blow to the vertex of the head
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Arnold–Chiari malformation

Arnold-Chiari malformation (Type II Chiari malformation) associated with myelomeningocele. Julius Arnold (1835-1915) and Hans Chiari (1851-1916)
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Battle Sign

Postauricular ecchymosis (bruising over the mastoid process) reflecting a base of skull fracture. Described by William Henry Battle (1855 – 1936) in 1890