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Thomas Fitz-Hugh, Jr (1894 – 1963) 340

Thomas Fitz-Hugh

Thomas Fitz-Hugh, Jr (1894 – 1963) was an American Surgeon eponymously affiliated with Fitz-Hugh Curtis syndrome (1930, 1934)
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vanPOCUS: 1st Trimester Obstetrics

Vancouver POCUS discusses how to perform and interpret trans-abdominal ultrasound for 1st trimester pregnancies, particularly when assessing for the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy versus an ectopic pregnancy.

Theodor Langhans

Biography Born 28 September 1839 in Usingen, Germany Studied medicine at the Universities of Heidelburg; Gottingen, under Friedrich Henle (1809–1885); Berlin, under Rudolf Virchow (1821–1902); and Würzburg, under Friedrich von Recklinghausen (1833–1910). 1864 – Graduated medical studies from Würzburg, with…