Category Obstetrics Gynaecology
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Burns and Pregnancy

Burns and Pregnancy: at risk of premature labour due to high levels of circulating prostaglandins; fluid replacement must cater for increased circulating volume
CCC Critical Care compendium 1200


Eclampsia: life threatening situation for the mother and baby. 1:2000 pregnancies; most occur in 3rd trimester; 1/3 post-partum; usually with in 24hrs of delivery; vasogenic cerebral oedema from hypertensive encephalopathy
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Haemorrhage and Pregnancy

Hemorrhage and Pregnancy: gravid uterus receives 15% of Q -> bleeding can be rapid; principle causes; abruption, placenta praevia, PPH; baby more at risk than mum
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Influenza and Pregnancy

Influenza and Pregnancy: known high incidence of morbidity and mortality in mother and foetus in H1N1 infection and severe community acquired pneumonia; multidisciplinary team approach: O&G, NICU, anaesthetics, ICU; planned delivery of foetus (although the teams may have conflicting interests)
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) includes: endometritis, chorioamnionitis, intra-amniotic infection syndrome, salpingitis, tubo-ovarian abscess, pelvic cellulitis, pelvic peritonitis
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Pneumonia in Pregnancy

Pneumonia in Pregnancy: 2 patients; treatment dependent on stage of pregnancy (first trimester: avoidance of teratogenicity, third trimester: prevention of pre-term labour) signs of severe sepsis may be masked by normal pregnancy changes
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia: multisystem disorder of pregnancy characterised by hypertension and organ system derangement; defective trophoblast invasion of the spiral arteries and abnormal trophoblast differentiation.