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Edward Harry Bishop (1913-1995) 680

Edward Bishop

Edward Harry Bishop (1913-1995) was an American obstetrician and gynecologist. Bishop Score (1964), a method to evaluate the cervix in regard to the success or failure of induction of labor.
Harold Leeming Sheehan (1900-1988) 680

Harold Sheehan

Biography Born on August 4, 1900 in Carlisle Educated at Carlisle Grammar School 1921 – MB ChB, University of Manchester 1921-1927 General practice with older brother in the practice of their father Dr Patrick Sheehan 1927 – Demonstrator, and later…

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Sheehan Syndrome

Description Alternate names: Glinski syndrome; Reye syndrome; and Sheehan syndrome apply to necrosis of the pituitary during the postpartum period. Simmonds syndrome which is unrelated to postpartum complications History 1913 – Leon Konrad Glinski (1870-1918) was a Polish physician 1914…

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Asherman syndrome

Rare, acquired clinical syndrome presenting with amenorrhoea, menstrual disorders and reproductive dysfunction secondary to intrauterine adhesions.
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Nicholas Alders

Nicholas Alders (1904 - 1995) was a Hungarian born, Austrian trained, English naturalised obstetrician, gynaecologist and surgeon. Remembered for his description of Alders sign (1951)