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Thomas Fitz-Hugh, Jr (1894 – 1963) 340

Thomas Fitz-Hugh

Thomas Fitz-Hugh, Jr (1894 – 1963) was an American Surgeon eponymously affiliated with Fitz-Hugh Curtis syndrome (1930, 1934)
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Nicholas Alders

Nicholas Alders (1904 - 1995) was a Hungarian born, Austrian trained, English naturalised obstetrician, gynaecologist and surgeon. Remembered for his description of Alders sign (1951)
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Cullen sign

Cullen sign: superficial bruising in the subcutaneous fat around the umbilicus. 1918 Thomas Cullen (1869-1953) ruptured ectopic pregnancy
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vanPOCUS: 1st Trimester Obstetrics

Vancouver POCUS discusses how to perform and interpret trans-abdominal ultrasound for 1st trimester pregnancies, particularly when assessing for the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy versus an ectopic pregnancy.