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Julia Dempsey; Sister Mary Joseph (1856 - 1939) 340

Sister Mary Joseph

Sister Mary Joseph (Julia Dempsey) (1856 - 1939) was an American Catholic nun, nurse, and hospital administrator. Sister Mary Joseph sign (1928)
Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866) 340

Thomas Hodgkin

Thomas Hodgkin (1798 – 1866) was an English physician and pathologist. Eponym: Hodgkin disease (1832); Key-Hodgkin murmur (1827)
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Neutropaenic Sepsis

Febrile neutropaenia (or neutropaenic fever) is defined as: a single temperature measurement >=38.5C, or a sustained temperature >=38C for more than 1 hour; in a patient with a decreased absolute neutrophil count (ANC) of either <0.5 x 109/L, or <1 x 109/L with a predicted nadir of <0.5 x 109/L over the subsequent 48h
Oncological Quandary 340

Pulmonary Re-expansion

A 45 year old woman with metastatic ovarian cancer is admitted for VATS pleurodesis and drainage of bilateral pleural effusions.