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Elena B. Sgarbossa, MD is an Argentinian born American cardiologist, writer and medical translator (fluent in English, Spanish and Italian). She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Electrocardiology.

She developed and validated a clinical prediction rule based on a set of ECG criteria for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in patients with chest pain and left bundle-branch block. The Sgarbossa Criteria were first described in 1996.

  • 1978-1983 MD, Facultad de Medicina de Rosario, Argentina
  • Cardiology – Fundación Favaloro and Ministerio de Salud Pública; Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1989 – Università di Bologna
  • 1991-1997 Clinical cardiology research, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • 1991-1997 Clinical cardiology research, Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center, Chicago
  • Member, Editorial Board of the Journal of Electrocardiology
  • Asst. Editor, Caduceus (ATA medical newsletter)
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Sgarbossa Criteria (1996)

Sgarbossa rules were proposed for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction in the presence of left bundle branch block. Sgarbossa Criteria can be used to assist in determining which patients with LBBB are having an AMI.

1996Sgarbossa proposed three absolute criteria used to diagnose AMI in patients with LBBB based on review of GUSTO-1 .

  • Concordant ST elevation > 1mm in leads with a positive QRS complex (score 5)
  • Concordant ST depression > 1 mm in V1-V3 (score 3)
  • Excessively discordant ST elevation > 5 mm in leads with a -ve QRS complex (score 2)

These criteria are specific, but not sensitive for myocardial infarction. A total score of ≥ 3 is reported to have a specificity of 90% for diagnosing myocardial infarction.

2012SW Smith modified the third component of the original criteria criteria from absolute (>5mm discordant ST elevation) to proportional (any ST segment to S-wave ratio less than -0.25, with at least 1 mm ST elevation) improved prediction of acute coronary occlusion.

  • ≥ 1 lead with ≥1 mm of concordant ST elevation
  • ≥ 1 lead of V1-V3 with ≥ 1 mm of concordant ST depression
  • ≥ 1 lead anywhere with ≥ 1 mm STE and proportionally excessive discordant STE, as defined by ≥ 25% of the depth of the preceding S-wave.

‘Replacement of the absolute ST-elevation measurement of greater than or equal to 5 mm in the third component of the Sgarbossa rule with an ST/S ratio less than -0.25 greatly improves diagnostic utility of the rule for STEMI. An unweighted rule using this criterion resulted in excellent prediction for acute coronary occlusion.’

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Graduated from Cardiff Medical School in 2017 with MBBCh and BSc in Psychology and Medicine. Currently working as a doctor in the emergency department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Australia.

Graduated from Southampton Medical School in 2017 with BMBS. Working in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Emergency Department in Perth, Australia.

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