Frederick Roeck Thompson

Frederick Roeck Thompson (1907–1983)

Frederick Roeck Thompson (1907–1983) was an American orthopedic surgeon.

Developed the hip prosthesis that bears his name (Thompson Vitallium Hip Prosthesis). This design became a prototype for many later prostheses, including the femoral component for the total hip replacement in use today

Primary interests involved hip and spine surgery. Author of 41 medical manuscripts and nine medical motion pictures


  • Born 1907 Galveston, Texas. Son of James Edwin Thompson, first professor of surgery, University of Texas
  • 1927 – BA, University of Texas
  • 1931 – MD, University of Texas
  • 1934-1939 Resident at the New York Orthopedic Dispensary and Hospital
  • Orthopedic training, Roosevelt Hospital in New York City
  • 1938 – doctoral degree in medical science, Columbia University
  • 1946-1972 Clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at the New York Polyclinic Hospital and Postgraduate School
  • 1961-1972 Director Department of Orthopedic Surgery, St. Luke’s Hospital Center in New York City (succeeding David Marsh Bosworth)
  • Died 12 April 1983

Medical Eponyms

Thompson Vitallium Hip Prosthesis (1950)

Thompson developed a cemented vitallium prosthesis with a distinctive flared collar independent of Austin Moore.

Thompson arthroplasty
Thompson arthroplasty

Associated persons

Major Publications

  • Thompson FR. Vitallium intramedullary hip prosthesis, preliminary report. NY State J Med 1952; 52(24):3011–3020 [PMID 13013552]
  • Thompson FR. Experiences with a vitallium intramedullary hip prosthesis. Tex State J Med 1953; 49: 749–756 [PMID 13102371]
  • Thompson FR. Two and a half years’ experience with a vitallium intramedullary hip prosthesis. J Bone Joint Surg Am 1954; 36-A(3):489–502 [PMID 13163080]


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