Marius Nygaard Smith-Petersen

Marius Nygaard Smith-Petersen (1886 – 1953) was a Norwegian born, American Orthopaedic surgeon.

Smith-Petersen pioneered the Mould-Arthroplasty procedure. He placed a glass mold over the femoral head to stimulate fibrocartilage metaplasia and form a smooth articular surface (1923). He conceived the idea after discovering a smooth synovial membrane surrounding a glass shard pulled out of a patient’s back. The glass was fragile and shattered after a few months, but the initial results were positive so Smith-Petersen changed the hemisphere mold from glass to pyrex and finally the metal alloy vitallium (1937).


  • Born 14 November 1886 Grimstad, Norway
  • Died 16 June 1953 Boston, Massachusetts

Medical Eponyms

  • Smith-Peterson approach to the hip (anterior approach)
  • Smith-Petersen Vitallium mould arthroplasty [1923 (glass) to 1937 (vitallium)]
Smith-Petersen Hip caps history
Smith-Petersen mould arthroplasty evolution 1925-1938
Smith-Petersen Hip bilateral at 5 years vitallium
Smith-Petersen Vitallium Hip Moulds (5 years)

Associated persons

Major Publications


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  • MARIUS Nygaard Smith-Petersen, 1886-1953. N Engl J Med. 1953 Jul 30;249(5):210-1. [PMID 13063716]
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