George Grey Turner

George Grey Turner (1877 – 1951)

George Grey Turner (1877 – 1951) was an English surgeon.

Eponymously affiliated with Grey Turner sign after his description of flank ecchymosis in 1919. Global traveler had audiences with the Pope, Mussolini, the King of Italy and King Alfonso of Spain.

Involved in the embryonic stages of cancer research, he anticipated the development of chemotherapy and published a hopeful tome entitled – Some Encouragements in Cancer Surgery in 1925.

We shall never overcome cancer by surgery: it will be something we will inject


  • Born 8 September 1877
  • Medical degree from Newcastle Medical School
  • 1899 – Royal Victoria Infirmary, under Rutherford Morrison
  • 1903 – Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons
  • WWI – Served with the Royal Army Medical Corps
  • 1927 – Professor of Surgery in the University of Durham
  • 1934 – President of the Medical Society of London/li>
  • Died 24 August 1951

Medical Eponyms

  • Grey Turner sign: (1919) atraumatic abdominal ecchymosis, in particular – bruising of the flanks.

Major Publications


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