Jean Lenègre

Jean Lenègre (1904 – 1972) was a French cardiologist.

Professor of Experimental Pathology and Professor of Clinical Cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. He also played a founding role in The European Society of Cardiology. Author of more than 600 publications across a wide spectrum in the field of cardiology.

Pioneer of right heart catheterisation using a ureteric catheter and improvised radiological control (1943), electrocardiography, pathologies of the bundle of His, and coronary artery disease

Variably affiliated with Lenègre-Lev disease

  • Born March 25, 1904 in Paris
  • 1927 -Appointed medical intern
  • 1936 – Head of pathological anatomy at the cardiology centre Broussais Hospital
  • 1937 – Médecin des Hôpitaux (“hospital doctor”)
  • 1939-40 Military service
  • 1940-49 Worked at Lariboisiere Hospital
  • 1949 – Head of the cardiology department at Boucicaut Hospital, Paris
  • 1950 – First vice-president of The European Society of Cardiology (one of three)
  • 1952 – Professor of Experimental Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Paris
  • 1960-64 President of The European Society of Cardiology
  • 1965– Professor of Clinical Cardiology, Boucicaut Hospital
  • Died 9 February 1972
Medical Eponyms
Lenègre-Lev disease (1964)

Acquired complete heart block. Fibrous transformation progressive and slow, of degenerative origin, of the two branches of the bundle of His, resulting in progressive conduction disorders:

  • block of branch with or without hemibloc of the opposite side
  • then complete, paroxysmal then permanent block of auriculoventricular (disease of Adams-Stokes).

1964Jean Lenègre, of the Hopital Boucicaut in Paris, described progressive fibrosis of the ventricular conduction system in a series of articles published in French in the 1950s; his first and major reference in English appeared in 1964 [PMID 14153648]

1964Maurice Lev, of the University of Miami, saw a similar sclerodegenerative process, often with calcification, in an older age group [PMID 14237429]

Major Publications
Lenègre J. L’auscultation cardiaque

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