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LITFL Top 100 CT scans

Top 100 CT scan database is up and running with the first 20 clinical cases with images, questions and labelled scans to test your basic knowledge.

Mindfulness 340

Explore the series on Mindfulness with Andrew Dean. Tools that help us optimise our response to such stress, and to alter our emotional reactivity to events happening around us.

Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817-1894) 680

Who was Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817-1894) and why was is he regarded as an eccentric genius; a foremost neurophysiologist; and the father of modern endocrinology and hormone replacement theory.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

The guru’s of all things ED resuscitation are back this month at CCPEM with a podcast looking at a recent study on steroids in severe community acquired pneumonia. It appears to be a game changer based on this study.

Animal bite presentations often present some clinical conundrums for us? Do they need antibiotics, can we close the wound all those questions are answer in a recent post by EMOttawa.

Getting an IV in using ultrasound can not only be dexterity challenging but also a messy one with ultrasound gel getting in way. This Trick of Trade from ALIEM, looks at an alternative to using gel to assist with placing that ultrasound guided IV.

 Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a rare but serious event that can occur in athletes during training or competition. Ken over that the SGEM takes a look at the prevalence of this in women.


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