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Sending you free open-access medical (FOAM) content from around the globe. We keep an eye on all the trends and best articles and share them with you so that you stay top of your field.

The Fractures App is yet another fantastic, #FOAMed, simple and effective bedside app created by interface designer turned emergency physician…Tom Fadial

Network Five Emergency Medicine Case 1 discussing an interesting case of a patient who presents with chest pain and pre-syncope.

Owen Conor Ward (1923-1921) Irish paediatrician and cardiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Romano-Ward Syndrome which he described in 1964

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

Brilliant talk by Dr. Smith on the state of the art addressing the “need for OMI and the fallacy of STEMI”. For skeptics (including cardiologists) any questions are compellingly answered by the intro of his credentials and research in the field of acute ECG interpretation for suspected infarction

Chris Bond and Ken Milne review patterns of change in prehospital spinal motion restriction in a retrospective database review. This SGEM (411) highlights the recognition of some of the adverse effects of immobilization as well as limitations to its benefits

New podcast Critical Care Time is for everyone who cares for the critically ill, whether you do it in an ICU, a hospital ward, a PACU, an ED, an OR, or the back of an ambulance

Quick Trick of Trade from the team at ALiEM with a case and evaluation of Dual Foley catheter to control massive epistaxis


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