The audacity of FOAMed

Mike Cadogan raising a glass to the audacity of FOAMed. Image created by author Domhnall Brannigan (after Shepard Fairey and commissioned by Chris Nickson). Mike has just written an explanatory piece on the birth of FOAMed on here.

Three hospitals in parallel dimensions

There exist three hospitals in parallel dimensions. This may be the root of all service delivery problems in public healthcare systems, including the spectre of access block. A bold statement, I know, but read on… The idea of three parallel…

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LITFL in perpetuity
You may have noticed a little purple box appearing in the right sidebar - this is the Pandora search box. We are honoured to announce that Life in the Fast Lane is now being archived by the National Library of Australia (NLA)
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The News, NT style

Territorians expect the NT News to feature a croc story on the cover most days. Usually the headlines are along the lines of ‘croc kills shark’, ‘croc found in swimming pool’, ‘croc chases motorcycle’ or ‘croc found at airport’. The…

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Case of Commotio Cordis
Ventricular fibrillation and sudden death triggered by a blunt, non penetrating, and often innocent appearing unintentional blow to the chest without damage to the ribs, sternum, or heart (and in the absence of underlying cardiovascular disease) constitute an event know as commotio cordis, which translates from the Latin as agitation of the heart.