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A practical guide to the application of backslabs, splints, CAM boots and Darco shoes for your paediatric and adult patients.

The videos are designed to show you how to do each backslab when required, indications are listed but those that are not are usually discussed with orthopaedics (protocols may vary at different sites). Follow the links at the bottom for additional tips and videos.

Volar Backslab:

  • Volar plate avulsion fractures
  • Phalangeal fractures
  • Metacarpal fractures
Volar Backslab Application Video

Thumb Spica:

  • 1st Metacarpal fracture
  • Scaphoid fracture (in some shops)
Thumb Spica Application Video

Below Elbow Backslab:

  • Scaphoid fracture (in our shop)
  • Buckle fracture involving the volar surface
  • Distal radius fracture
Below Elbow Backslab Application Video

Buckle Splint:

  • Buckle Fracture only involving a breach in the dorsal cortex
Buckle Splint Application Video

Above Elbow Backslab and 3/4 backslab:

  • Distal radius and ulnar fractures (more than the ulnar styloid)
  • Distal radius fracture with significant angulation
  • Supracondylar fractures (however Gartland I and II are usually placed in a collar and cuff)
  • Medial condyle fracture
  • Olecranon fracture (non-displaced and not involving the joint)
  • Radial neck fractures
  • Mid shaft radius and ulnar fractures
Above Elbow Backslab Application
Above Elbow Backslab 3/4 Application

Darco Shoe:

  • Undisplaced Toe Fractures
Darco Shoe

The CAM Boot:

  • High grade ankle sprains
  • Simple avulsions fracture of the distal fibula
  • Undisplaced salter Harris I or II fractures of the distal fibula
  • Base of 5th Avulsion fractures
  • Undisplaced metatarsal fractures
CAM Boot

Below Knee Backslab:

  • Multiple metatarsal fractures
  • Base of 5th fractures that are not avulsion fractures
Below Knee Backslab Application Video

Above Knee Backslab:

  • Undisplaced Tibial shaft Fractures
Above Elbow Backslab Application Video

Richard Splint:

  • Patella Dislocation
  • Patella Fracture
Richard Splint

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