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Medmastery: Renal ultrasound

Nikolaus Mayr explains how to identify the left and right kidneys on an ultrasound display and know where they are in relation to other anatomical landmarks around them.
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Ultrasound Case 083

A 27 year old man presents with pain localised to the RIF. Clinically there is mild psoas irritation and tenderness to deep palpation without frank peritonism.
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 063

An 18 year old man returns from a back packing trip. He has developed generalized abdominal pain, fever and vomited a couple of times. The junior doctor is concerned he has appendicitis and asks you to perform an ultrasound.
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 037

60 y/o man with 3 days suprapubic pain; 'pelvic ache' on urination; suprapubic tenderness and guarding on examination; and leukocytes in the urine. You are considering just treating as a urinary tract infection but the degree of tenderness makes you take a look with ultrasound.