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RRSIDEAD • Antidotes

A is for Antidote. Systematic approach to managing toxicological emergency presentations. RRSIDEAD is a useful mnemonic
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Cyanide Poisoning Antidotes

I really enjoyed drawing the Cyanide Poisoning Antidotes flashcard. I really put Travis to the test by drawing out biochemistry pathways...
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Antidotes Summary

Antidotes are agents that counteract the effects of a toxic agent on the body. They do not primarily affect the systemic absorption or removal of toxic agents from the body (i.e. decontamination and enhanced elimination respectively)

Antidote and Gothic Doctor review

Warning: Nerd Alert. Read on at your own risk. Suitable for like-minded individuals prone to reciting eponymous syndromes by moonlight whilst pacing a confined Fibonacci spiral Recently I have been filling the void between 2am and 3am with whimsical searches on the…

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The Antidote Challenge

Take the antidote challenge - see if you're ready to join the ranks of the toxicology mavens by naming the antidote for each of these poisons.
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Glucagon as an Antidote

Glucagon is traditionally considered a first line antidote for beta-blocker overdose. Glucagon has also been used in the setting of calcium channel blocker toxicity
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Sugammadex CCC

Sugammadex is used for reversal of the amino steroid neuromuscular blocking drugs rocuronium, vecuronium and pancuronium.

a little low…

the case. A 48 year old female arrives to ED via ambulance following an intentional overdose. Her husband discovered her taking tablet after tablet in the bathroom at home. She has a history of depression & diabetes and reports feeling…