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Edwin Allen Locke (1874-1971) 340

Edwin Allen Locke

Edwin Allen Locke (1874-1971) was an American Physician involved care and treatment of TB and pulmonary disease. Eponym: Cabot-Locke murmur (1903)
Gibson murmur 680

Gibson murmur

Gibson murmur (machinery murmur) associated with patent ductus arteriosus. Eponymously affiliated with George Alexander Gibson (1906)
CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

Murmurs DDx

Heart murmurs are abnormal heart sounds believed to be caused by turbulent flow across heart valves or vascular abnormalities. When assessing a murmur, determine 6 characteristics: position at which it is loudest, grade, timing, duration, presence of a thrill, radiation and changes during respiration or with dynamic manoeuvers