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ECG Case 108

59yr old male who presented to the Emergency Department following 2 episodes of syncope. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG

ECG Case 091

55 year old male presents with central chest pain and diaphoresis. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG
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Lenègre-Lev disease

Acquired fibrous degeneration of the left and right bundle branches, eventually manifesting as permanent complete atrioventricular (AV) dissociation with cardiac pauses and Adams-Stokes attacks

ECG Case 044

Middle-aged patient presenting with syncope. Becomes hypotensive in ED (BP 80/50). Describe and interpret this ECG. complete heart block

shock and awe…

the case. Previously well 64 year male presents to ED with 90 minutes of retrosternal chest pain after riding his bike. This is his ECG….