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Q&A with Emma Lawrey

What WASH stands for, how to wear flowers in your hair, and why your ED isn't a disaster zone. PLUS: Easy 1-minute comfort food recipe.

Q&A with Doug Feinbloom

Peanuts, ass cracks and Queensland's record for the most junior solo intubation. With Doug Feinbloom, our favourite SWAT paramedic FACEM.

Introducing… Resuscitology

Hello, RAGErs! This is a quick update about a new project from the RAGE team and friends… The Resuscitology Course. This is a two-day residential course for resuscitationists in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia on May 9-10th 2018. The faculty are …

Imagining the future

The theme of this session was "Imagining the Future" featuring Kendall Ho, Mike Cadogan and Stephen Atherton. It's long, but there is some good stuff in there. Excuse the mumbling chairman...and the lack of audio in some parts of the Q+A after the talks.

FOAM & SMACC craic – from outside the citadel

I’ve been thinking about FOAM since SMACC2013 (Social Media and Critical Care)…thinking a lot and talking to some friends. I’ve cleared my desk literally and figuratively for a while and intend to read a lot and spend sometime away from…