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Exercise-associated Hyponatremia

A 30 year-old female was BIBA to the ED following a seizure. She was running a marathon in hot weather. Nearing the end, after 5 hours running, she was seen fall to the ground and had a generalised tonic-clonic seizure.
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Hyponatraemia CCC

Cause of HYPOnatraemia Click to enlarge Clinical Severity of symptoms associated with rapidity of loss and extent of fall Complication Correction Depends on rapidity of onset and clinical symptoms Calculations: Na deficit= (desired Na-current Na) x (0.6 x body weight)…

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Sodium is the major positively charged Cation in ECF. It determines ECF volume. Major intravascular ion to affect osmolality…..an acute increase or decrease in serum sodium will produce an increase or decrease in serum osmolality.
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Syndrome Of Inappropriate ADH secretion (SIADH) is hyponatraemia due to an increase in concentration of ADH inappropriate to the current osmotic or volume status. The differential diagnosis includes ADH analogues
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SIADH = Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion. Important cause of HYPOnatraemia
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Hyponatraemic Seizures

Seizures and hyponatremia in a 10 year-old boy - can you answer the questions and find the solutions to the case-based questions in this laboratory tester?
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Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia

A recent coroner’s finding about the death of a Tasmanian bushwalker has reinforced the need for awareness of Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia, particularly in those participating in prolonged exercise and ultra-endurance events.   What is EAH? What causes EAH? Exercise associated…