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Network Five Journal Club Podcast 340

Network Five: Orthopaedics

Network Five Emergency Medicine Journal Club Episode 22 - Orthopaedics reviewing papers on vascular injuries from knee dislocations, distal radius fractures and all things pelvic binders!
Segond fracture 680

Segond fracture

Segond fracture: Avulsion fracture (small) of the lateral surface of the lateral tibial condyle. Paul Ferdinand Segond (1851-1912) described 1879

Albert Hoffa

Albert Hoffa (1859 - 1907) was a German orthopedic surgeon. eponymously affiliated with a distal femur fracture (1888); an operation for congenital hip dislocations (1890); the development of a system of massage therapy, the Hoffa system (1893); and the Hoffa fat pad

Pierre Nicolas Gerdy

Biography Born 1797 Died 1856 Medical Eponyms Gerdy tubercle is the prominence on the lateral side of the proximal tibia where the iliotibial band (ITB) and tibialis anterior muscle attach Gerdy’s Safe Zone () Major Publications Gerdy P-N. Essai de…

ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 006: Knee injury X-ray

A 24 year old man is brought into the ED with an injury suffered playing touch rugby. He tried to stop and turn suddenly just as another player collided with him. Describe his X-ray
Paul Ferdinand Segond (1851-1912) 340

Paul Ferdinand Segond

Paul Ferdinand Segond (1851-1912) French Orthopaedic Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with Segond fracture (described 1879)