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George Alexander Gibson (1854-1913) 680

George A. Gibson

George Alexander Gibson (1854 – 1913) was a Scottish physician. Eponymously affiliated with the Gibson murmur (1906)
Cabot-Locke murmur 340

Cabot-Locke murmur

The Cabot-Locke murmur is an early diastolic murmur found in patients with severe anaemia. The murmur resolves with treatment of the anaemia. There is no functional valvular abnormality present.
Gibson murmur 680

Gibson murmur

Gibson murmur (machinery murmur) associated with patent ductus arteriosus. Eponymously affiliated with George Alexander Gibson (1906)
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Blumgart-Ernstene murmur

Duroziez-type murmur observed with the patients arm subjected to various temperatures of water and by applying a subdiastolic pressure below the auscultation site, to help differentiate between aortic insufficiency and peripheral vasodilatation.