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ECG Case 103

53 year old male presenting with central chest pain for 2 hours, ongoing at time of recording. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 004: Chest pain ECG

A 64 year old man attends the ED after developing chest pain radiating to the jaw and right arm while playing tennis. The pain has now been present for nearly half an hour and continues unabated. Describe his ECG
ECG Library BASICS 340 356

MI Localization

ST depression from subendocardial ischemia does not localise... look for a reciprocal STEMI! ECG anatomy correlation MI localization

Quick Case #03

the case. 42 year old female presents to ED with a 4-5 day history of central chest tightness. She has poorly controlled type 2-diabetes.