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On the subject of doctors

I like to see doctors cough.What kind of human beingwould grab all your moneyjust when you’re down?I’m not saying they enjoy this:“Sorry, Mr. Rodriguez, that’s it,no hope! You might as wellhand over your wallet.” Hell no,they’d rather be playing golfand…


Tired and afraid

'Tired and afraid' is a poem that could be about any one of a number of patients I have met over the past few years. But its not. It's about a man I recently met whose words are hard to forget. I doubt I was of much help.


No matter the nature of your afflictions, Henley's poem 'Invictus' will cover you in a shroud of invincibility and infuse you with an unconquerable spirit...
Jellybean Podcast LITFL 340

Jellybean 91 with Sanaah Sultan

Medical Student and Poet Sanaah Sultan took the stage by storm at SMACC. Activist. Future pre-hospitalist. In her heart, in Kashmir, always in Kashmir.

The Tunneler

I can’t escape its screeching cries, Its siren serpents scorching eyes. It draws me deep into the neath, Below the wretches of the heath. Abducted from the cool fresh air, By a Sissyphean stair Whose relentless rapen churning crime Vaults…


The Hypocritic Corpus

As I stand over this: Screaming human? Patchwork Scarred Scared Amphetamine fuelled Pulsing rage, With a syringe of midazolam -fantazaslam! Invoking the Mental Health Act, As if I believe in it -The gospel according to psychiatry I realise this does…