SMACC Chicago

Failing Spectacularly

We’re an odd bunch of people, we critical care practitioners. We perform a role defined by its high stakes, and we go at it with high intensity training, communication, and language. We learn that we must train like the military…

What is possible, what is reasonable, what is best?

If there was one session at smaccGOLD that blew everyone away it was this (OK, SonoWars was mind-blowingly awesome as well…). On day 2 of the conference, Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) facilitated a discussion of some of the most difficult intangibles…

Busting the clotbusters (from SMACC 2013)

As revenge for an incident best left unmentioned, Chris Nickson of litfl.com handed me the poisoned chalice of speaking on tPA for stroke at SMACC 2013. This is the result. (Un)fortunately there is no actual video footage as I wasn’t…

SMACC, Down But Not Out

Simply put, the three days of the SMACC 2013 conference were greatest three days of my professional life. I can’t believe it happened, and I can hardly believe it is over. If, five years ago, you had told me that…

PK SMACC-talk Winner

Congratulations to David Anderson, the winner of the PK SMACC-talk competition with his 400 second long talk on the history of prehospital and retrieval medicine.
SMACC 2019 Sydney


Although SMACC is less than a month away now, we're loving the PKs so much that we're leaving the door open for more submissions until the latest possible moment