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Waiting Room Medicine

With exponential Emergency Department over-crowding and spiraling waiting times, the Utopian College has produced a series of guidelines to assist fondling members.
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The Evolution of Utopian Medicine

Defining the history of Utopian Medicine and the Utopian Intervention Zone can be challenging. Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson has commissioned this graphical representation to outline the pertinent factors influencing the meteoric rise of the Utopian Medicine movement.
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UCEM says No to Softness

The Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine (UCEM) is proud to announce a new policy pertaining to the discipline of peri-departmental medicine. Until now, the softest admissions - such as the Patient Without Discernible Pathology (PWDP) - have been the toughest dispositions.
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Waiting Room Gynaecology

As part of the ongoing review into Waiting Room design, the Council Executive of the UCEM would like to thank fondling members for the myriad of practical suggestions presented during the recent ‘Waiting Treatment Forum‘. One of the leading presentations…

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UCEM Develops Waiting Room Video

In an effort to reduce the number of comedy Emergency Department presentations, UCEM is pleased to endorse the playing of David Shrigley's 'Don'ts' in all Australian Emergency Department waiting rooms.
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UCEM Waiting Room Movies

Waiting Room Medical Movies series we can now demonstrate one of the practical applications of twitter to advancing the field of health and medical education
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Overcrowded, understaffed and underfunded

Rick Abbott wonders why ERs across the world seem to have a few things in common: they're almost all overcrowded, understaffed and underfunded.... What can be done about it? It's just not cricket!