Walther Müller

Walther Müller (1888–1949)

Walther Müller (1888–1949) was a German orthopedic surgeon.

1924, Müller’s published a monograph on the normal and pathologic physiology of bone, still very pertinent today. The work was nicknamed ‘Knochenmüller’ a miller of bones.


  • Born 6 May 1888 Waldenburg, Germany
  • 1913 – MD, Leipzig University
  • 1914-1919 assistant at the Leipzig surgical policlinic
  • 1921 – habilitated for surgery and orthopaedics
  • 1925 – extraordinary professor for surgery and orthopaedics
  • 1920-1927 assistant at the Marburg surgical clinic
  • 1927 – head physician at the surgical clinic in Heidelberg
  • 1938 – director of the orthopedic clinic in Königsberg
  • Left Germany during the war and returned to head an orthopedic clinic in Glauchau
  • Died 7 April 1949 Waldenburg, Germany

Medical Eponyms

Müller-Weiss syndrome (MWS) (1927)

Spontaneous osteonecrosis of the tarsal navicular in adults, is a rare cause of chronic medial midfoot pain.

Ich hatte nun kurzlich Gelegenheit Veranderung am Os naviculare pedis beim Erwachsenen zu beobachten, die vielleicht gewisse ahnlichkeiten mit der Kohler-schen erkrankung der Jugendlichen aufweist, die aber in dieser form noch nicht bekannt ist.

I have recently had occasion to observe changes in the os naviculare pedis in the adult, which may have some similarities with the Kohler-like disease of the adolescents, which is not yet known in this form. Müller 1927
Müller 1927 Über eine eigenartige doppelseitige Veränderung des Os naviculare pedis beim Erwachsenen

Other eponyms

Müller-Ribbing-Clément syndrome (1939) – rare bone disturbance characterised by stunted stature, obliteration of the hollow bones, premature degenerative atropathy, in particular of the hip joints.

Major Publications


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