What is Creativity?

What is Creativity? – Grace Leo & Hugh Montgomery

Everyone has the potential to live a creative life – As healthcare professionals, how might we do so? In this talk Grace Leo chats about what creativity is and what it might look like in various areas of our lives. She also interviews Hugh Montgomery; a climate change advocate, story book author and Guinness world record holder for playing the piano underwater.

The Podcast

Grace Leo (@gracie_leo) is a Paediatric Registrar based at Sydney Children’s Hospital with a passion for medical education, good presentation and innovation. She has been part of the SMACC OC for the last 5 years, as well as being a senior content editor and part of the conference team for Don’t Forget The Bubbles the last 2 years. Grace enjoys board games, cooking, cheesy jokes and doing some freelance design work.

Hugh Montgomery (@hugh_montgomery) is a Professor and the Director of the Institute for Human Health and Performance at University College London. He obtained a 1st class degree in cardiorespiratory physiology and neuropharmacology before graduating from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1987. He has since obtained specialist accreditation in Cardiology, General Internal Medicine and Intensive Care medicine, and practices as a Consultant Intensivist in North London in the UK. Hugh obtained his MD(Res) in 1997, is known for his pioneering genetic research, and has published over 450 peer reviewed papers, three in Nature. Hugh is also an author of children’s books, and most recently of the medical thriller ‘Control’.

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