Charlotte Baker

Studied at Univerisity of Cambridge - BA MB BChir. British doctor working in emergency medicine in Perth, Australia. Special interests include primary care and emergency medicine.
Łucja Frey-Gottesman (1889 - 1942) 340
Łucja Frey
Łucja Frey-Gottesman (1889 - 1942) was a Polish physician and neurologist. Frey syndrome (1923); auriculotemporal syndrome
Florence Chisholm Dudley (1902 – 1962) 340
Florence C. Dudley
Florence Chisholm Dudley (1902 - 1962) was an American assistant in medical genetics. Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome (1943)
Jacqueline Tauber Hecht is an American medical geneticist 340
Jacqueline Hecht
Jacqueline Tauber Hecht is an American medical geneticist. Hecht-Scott syndrome - congenital limb malformation syndrome - (1981)
eponym LITFL 340
Margot Noack
Margot Noack (1909 - ) was a German pediatric orthopedist. Noack syndrome - Autosomal dominant craniosynostosis syndrome - (1959)
Pierre Adolphe Piorry
Biography Born Died Medical Eponyms Key Medical Contributions Major Publications Controversies References Oven V. Piorry. Biographies des célébrités médicales, . 1867 Sakula A. Pierre Adolphe Piorry (1794-1879): pioneer of percussion and pleximetry. Thorax. 1979; 34(5): 575-581.
Mary Frances Lyon (1925–2014) 340
Mary Lyon
Mary Frances Lyon (1925–2014) was an English geneticist, best known for her discovery of X-chromosome inactivation. Lyonisation.
eponym LITFL 340
Marlis Tolksdorf
Marlis Tolksdorf (1924 - 1997) German cytogeneticist. Eponymously remembered for her description of Wiedemann-Tolksdorf syndrome in 1973