Charlotte Baker

Studied at Univerisity of Cambridge - BA MB BChir. British doctor working in emergency medicine in Perth, Australia. Special interests include primary care and emergency medicine.
Ruth Ellen Magenis (1925 - 2014) 340
R. Ellen Magenis
Ruth Ellen Magenis (1925 - 2014) was an American pediatrician, medical geneticist and cytogeneticist. Smith-Magenis syndrome (1986)
Virginia P. Sybert. American medical geneticist and dermatologist 340
Virginia P. Sybert
Virginia P. Sybert. American medical geneticist and dermatologist. Palmoplantar keratoderma (PPK) of Sybert (1988)
Charles Skinner Hallpike (1900 - 1979) 340
Charles Skinner Hallpike
Charles Skinner Hallpike (1900 - 1979) was an English otologist. Dix-Hallpike Test (1952); Peep-Show technique (1947); Bithermal caloric test (1942)
Tjitske Kleefstra Dutch Clinical Geneticist 340
Tjitske Kleefstra
Tjitske Kleefstra is a Dutch Clinical Geneticist. Kleefstras syndrom (Kleefstra syndrome); previously known as the 9q subtelomere deletion syndrome (9qSTDS)
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Epley maneuver
Description A particle repositioning maneuver for the treatment of BPPV – with the aim of moving the canaliths out of the posterior semicircular, back into the utricle. It have been shown to be safe and can be effective at resolving…
Ann J. Johanson (1934 - 2020) 340
Ann J. Johanson
Ann J. Johanson (1934 - 2020) was an American pediatric endocrinologist. Johanson-Blizzard Syndrome in 1971