Buddy strap no more

It’s called Zimfoam.

That malleable strip of aluminium with blue foam on one side.

Every emergency department has it, usually in the back of a cupboard in the procedure room.

All of us have played with it (I’ve seen constructions with plaster, sleek tape and crepe) none of us have ever been really sure how to use it. The ED literature on it is pretty scarce.

After a talk from our plastic surgeons and further chats with their hand therapist who actually reviews all these finger injuries in clinic, this is how they use it.

Stick this poster on that cupboard (now called the finger cupboard) and start your patients finger rehab a week earlier.

(PS: you can still buddy strap but that’s really only for collateral ligament sprains)

Buddy strap phalangeal injuries

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Emergency physician FACEM, Melbourne Australia

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