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Phalen sign

The Phalen test is performed by asking the patient to place both elbows on a table while keeping both forearms vertical and flexing both wrists at 90 degrees for 60 seconds. A positive test is defined as the occurrence of pain or paresthesias in at least one finger innervated by the median nerve.
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Epley maneuver

Description A particle repositioning maneuver for the treatment of BPPV – with the aim of moving the canaliths out of the posterior semicircular, back into the utricle. It have been shown to be safe and can be effective at resolving…
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Lindsay nails

Are characterised by a sharply demarcated nail bed change – the proximal portion of each nail bed as whitish and the distal portion red, pink, or brown. In addition to the nail-bed change, there may also be associated the presence…

Leo Schamroth

Biography Born 2 June 1924 in Antwerp, Belgium 1929 – Family emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa 1948 – Medical degree, University of the Witwatersrand 1949 – Internship at the ‘Non-European Hospital’ in Hillbrow, Johannesburg 1952 – Member of the Royal…
Rudolf Adriaan Mees (1873-1964) 340

Rudolf Adriaan Mees

Rudolf Adriaan Mees (1873-1964) was a Dutch psychiatrist and physician. Described Mees lines in acute arsenic poisoning (1919)
Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919) 340

Georges C. Noulis

Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919). Greek surgeon credited as the first to describe testing the functional integrity of the ACL and knee ligaments (Lachman Test)
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Lachman Test

Lachman test is a clinical test used to diagnose injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Eponymised to John W Lachman, first described by GC Noulis

Clinical Signs in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Description There are many signs and symptoms used in the evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some finding may findings modestly increase or decrease the probability of carpal tunnel syndrome Clinical Signs Hoffmann-Tinel sign (1915) Phalen sign (1950) Katz Hand diagram…