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Josef Leopold Auenbrugger von Auenbrugg (1722 – 1809) 340

Leopold Auenbrugger

Leopold Auenbrugger von Auenbrugg (1722 – 1809). Austrian Physician who described the use of chest percussion in the diagnosis of respiratory disease.
Vertigo Big 3

Vertigo the Big 3

Dr Peter Johns, Canadian emergency physician and dizziness demystifier, has made a video on how to diagnose ‘The Big 3 of Vertigo” in the ED
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Corrigan pulse

Corrigan pulse is the excessive visible arterial pulsations in aortic incompetence. Not to be confused with the palpated 'water-hammer pulse'.
Janeway lesions 340

Janeway lesions

Janeway lesions are non-tender, small erythematous or haemorrhagic macular or nodular lesions on the palms or soles only a few millimeters in diameter that are indicative of infective endocarditis.
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Edward Janeway

Edward Gamaliel Janeway (1841 - 1911) was an American physician and pathologist. Remembered for his description of Janeway lesions (1899) as a distinctive painless dermatological manifestation seen in some cases of infective endocarditis
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Thomas test

Description The Thomas test is a physical examination test, first described in 1875 by the Welsh bonesetter Hugh Owen Thomas (1834–1891). The test was used to diagnose hip flexion contracture and determine the duration of the disease process. The modified Thomas test is most…
Osler node 340

Osler node

Osler node: Painful, red, raised lesions usually found on the palms and soles. Caused by immune complex deposition and the resulting inflammatory response.
Alan Graham Apley (1914 – 1996) 340

Alan Graham Apley

Alan Graham Apley (1914 – 1996) was a British Orthopaedic Surgeon famous for describing the Apley grind test in knee meniscal injury and for his essential orthopaedic reference text: Apley's System of Orthopaedics and Fractures (1959)
Amédée Bonnet (1809-1858) 340

Amédée Bonnet

Amédée Bonnet (1809-1858) was a French orthopaedic surgeon. Described as the grandfather of knee and ligament surgery.
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Romberg test

Romberg test initially described in tabes dorsalis; now as a feature of all proprioceptive disorders of the legs or neuropathies involving dorsal columns.