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Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Perilous Pinhead Polka-dots

A 3 week-old newborn is brought in to the emergency department by her worried parents. A non-blanching rash has appeared overnight. How are you going to handle this scenario?
Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Splat! A vomiting infant

An infant is brought in by his concerned parents. Splat! Vomiting is the presenting complaint. Can you work out what's going on and help this sick baby?
Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Inhalational Emergency

aka Pediatric Perplexity 005 A toddler was brought to the emergency department for increasing respiratory distress over the past few days. He has also had fevers, and was started on antibiotics by his family doctor with no improvement. In the…

Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Trauma! Pelvic Fractures II

A Q&A approach to the management of pelvic trauma including pelvic stabilisation, control of hemorrhage and when to scan, operate or go to the angiography suite.
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Hip and Pelvis Injuries

LITFL looks at the latest review from EBMedicine on pelvic and hip injuries in the emergency department. Test your knowledge now!
Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Trauma! Massive Transfusion

Recognising haemorrhagic shock and finding the bleeding source is one thing, but how should you resuscitate a bleeding trauma patient? The Q&A post provides an overview of massive transfusion as part of damage control resuscitation of major trauma victims.