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Trauma! Abdominal Injuries

A Q&A overview of abdominal injuries resulting from major trauma. Can you recognise and manage the common and important abdominal organ injuries in the ED?
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Cheyne-Stokes respiration

Description Cheyne-Stokes respiration History 1818 – John Cheyne 1854 – William Stokes 1953 – On March 4th 1953, the Soviet press announced that Joseph Stalin was ill and had ‘Cheyne-Stokes respiration‘. The following day he died. Associated Persons John Cheyne…

Camille Biot

Camille Biot (1850 – 1918) was a French physician.  Most famous for describing Biot breathing. Biography Born 19 December 1850 Chatenoy-le-Royal, France Intern at Hôtel Dieu Hospital in Lyon, France Practiced in Maçon in 1875 Became member of L’Académie de…

Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

Appearance Kloss and Bruce have lived up to their hope of creating a book that is “real medical education with comic book-style illustrations to create beautiful artistic images that enhance learning”. Presented over two-page spreads it discusses each infection in…

Trauma Tribulation 340 256

Trauma! Spinal Injury

A Q&A approach to traumatic spinal injury that provides an overview focusing on the initial assessment and management in the emergency department.