Category Resuscitation
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Prehospital Care in Africa

Mulinda Nyiendra discusses standardising pre-hospital care in Africa and some of the major issues experienced such as access to prehospital care services.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340


Regardless of the underlying cause of the illness, the provision of meticulous supportive care is essential to the management of any critically ill patient. Back in 2005, Jean Louis Vincent popularised the FAST HUGS mnemonic for recalling the key issues to review when looking after a critically ill patient.
SMACC 2019 yellow education communication 340

Psychology of trauma care

Trauma care should be easy… shouldn’t it? So why doesn’t it feel easy? The clinical component is the easy bit, the challenge is the non-technical factors.
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Ultrasound for LP

Wendy Chang takes us through the use of ultrasound for lumbar puncture and how this should be used consistently, not just for difficult cases and field cases.
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Preparing for the unknown

Training and psychological preparedness is essential for prehospital and disaster clinicians, in order to effectively care for victims in austere environments.