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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Bimanual laryngoscopy

Bimanual laryngoscopy using external laryngeal manipulation (ELM) is the single most practical and effective airway management technique for facilitating intubation during direct laryngoscopy.
Ruling the Resus Room 340

Own the Oxylog

If you're a doc or nurse in Australasia and you take care of critically ill patients chances are you should be familiar with the Oxylog 3000.
Ruling the Resus Room 340

Own the FEAST

We recently featured a video on what could turn out to be the emergency medicine/ critical care 'Trial of the Year'... That's right, the FEAST Trial:
Ruling the Resus Room 340

Does Roc rock? Does Sux suck?

So, what are you gonna use for this rapid sequence intubation --- roc or sux? Can you answer the hard questions to determine once and for all, whether roc rocks and sux sucks or if it should be the other way around?
Ruling the Resus Room 340

Own the Airway!

The LITFL team have scoured the web to find the best collection of online instructional videos known to man or woman to help you 'own the airway'!
Peter Josef Safar (1924 – 2003) 1

Peter Safar

Peter Safar (1924 – 2003) was an Austrian physician. Credited with pioneering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and Laws for Navigation of Life